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Talent concept
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  Excellent talents are the foundation for realizing the strategic goals of the company and the driving force for the sustainable development of the company. With scientific talent training methods, effective incentive mechanism, fair competition platform and broad career development space, the company has intensified its efforts in selecting, nurturing, using and retaining human resources, and constantly optimizing the quality structure of personnel. . Let each employee fully reflect self-worth in this group, achieve the greatest fit between personal career planning and corporate development goals, and grow together with employees. The company respects the corporate values ??of ”innovation, transcendence; integrity, responsibility, cooperation spirit; happy work, healthy living“ and serves as the guiding principle of our human resources work. We believe that ”the employees who have completed their work well are the company's “Wealth”, the company pays attention to the professional morality of employees' honesty and courage to take responsibility, and advocates communication, cooperation and dedication, mutual help and mutual assistance. The company provides a good working environment and development platform for employees with scientific and standardized management, and strives to realize the common development and progress of employees and enterprises with the concept of talents.
  The company advocates simple and harmonious interpersonal relationships, resists any bad “corporate politics” phenomenon, makes people's relationship with people simple and healthy, and strives to build an atmosphere of happy work. We care about the lives of our employees and encourage them to pursue physical and mental health. The company supports employees to carry out rich cultural and sports activities, so that employees can relax outside of work and enable employees to work hard and live happily.
  Talents should have such qualities:
  First, a healthy personality. This statement may be more metaphysical. Simply put, there must be principles, clear standards of good and evil, strong sense of responsibility and good professional conduct.
  Second, higher creativity. He must have a sense of innovation, see a problem with a unique perspective, a creative impulse, a spirit of seeking differences and dare to doubt.
  Third, the initiative spirit. Have higher subjective initiative, self-improvement and self-development awareness, and less dependence.
  Fourth, extensive knowledge. Nowadays, enterprises must have a complex knowledge structure for talents, so that talents can have a migratory thinking.
  ????Among these qualities, good professional conduct is particularly important. And good professional conduct is the professional quality that professional managers must possess. Otherwise, how can people trust the company to take care of you? You must first know what you should do and know how to do it. You must be clear about your responsibilities and where your goals are. The prerequisite for achieving this is a healthy personality and a sense of responsibility.