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Mouse habits, harms and prevention

Mouse habits, harms and prevention

Industry information
2018/11/24 10:51
  First, the habit of mice
  Rats hide and reproduce in mud, debris, sewers and other places. Food such as garbage, manure, food for humans and animals is used.
  Second, the harm of mice
  Rats mainly spread plague, leptospirosis, epidemic hemorrhagic fever, mouse typhus, ginger worm disease, schistosomiasis and other diseases. It is estimated that it has died in the past
  The number of people who blew the disease far exceeds the total number of people who died directly from previous wars.
  Third, the prevention of rodents
  (1) Environmental governance:
  1. Hungry and thirsty: Control the food of all rodents indoors and outdoors, and cut off the rat food. If you try to manage food, food, feed, water, garbage, manure, etc., it is difficult to make rats difficult.
  With or unable to forage in a human settlement, it is difficult for the rodents to survive, reduce fertility, and force away from the human environment.
  2. Anti-seal and seal: In the processing and storage of food (including medicines) and power distribution rooms and luggage rooms that are easily invaded by rats, the anti-rat facilities are perfected. Such as:
  (1) The window is installed with a metal mesh, and the gap of the window door is less than 0.6 cm;
  (2) The wooden door is installed with a metal plate (30-60 cm), and the gap of the door is less than 0.6 cm;
  (3) Completely seal and renovate the drainage and sewage system that rodents often enter and exit, hide, install water-sealed sand wells, anti-mosquito gates, or install metal anti-rat fences
  (箅子) clearance is less than 1 cm;
  (4) Block all wall holes (sews) that can be blocked, and wall holes (seams) that cannot be blocked can be installed with metal meshes with holes less than 0.6 cm.
  (5) Install a mouse-proof plate (net) on all the channels inside and outside the wall, the pipes, wires, and exhaust fans that the rats can crawl.
  3. Clearing and blocking: comprehensively eliminate indoor and outdoor rodent foraging, garbage dumps, debris piles and other sanitary corners and mouse tracks (including: rat feces, rat holes, rat runway, rat footprints,
  Rat bite marks, dead rats, live rats), especially the garbage and mouse tracks in remote, fringe, dark, slit, mud areas.
  (2) Physical defense:
  For some homes, restaurants, granaries, power distribution rooms, ceilings, etc. where the use of drugs may cause safety of humans and animals, and the rat is difficult to collect, sticky mouse plates and rats should be used.
  Cage, rat clips, electric cats and other physical methods to kill rats.
  (3) Chemical control system:
  The rodenticides were killed by a chronic anticoagulant such as enemy sodium salt, bromadiolone, coumatetralyl, and Dalong.
  It is forbidden to use drugs with acute tetramine drugs, such as: tetramine (also known as 424), fluoroacetamide (also known as 1081), glucosamine, and rat death.
  Precautions for the delivery of the poisonous rat drug valley:
  1. It is necessary to adopt the “three-saturation” and “one-stop” administration methods.
  “Three saturations” one is “surface” saturation, do not miss the place where the drug is administered and cause a blind spot; second, the “quantity” is saturated, the amount of poison bait should be sufficient, so that all individuals in the rat group
  Have the opportunity to feed to the lethal dose; the third is “time” saturation, using continuous feeding methods, found that the poison bait should be replenished in time to eat, how much to eat, eat light
  Double the supplement until there are no more rats to take the poison bait.
  “One place” is to put the bait in a position where the mouse is easy to eat and dry. Such as placement to the mouse hole, mouse road, wall (within 10 cm from the wall), corner position, etc.
  2. The density of rodenticides is generally placed in the outdoor 3-5 meters to put a pile of poison baits, indoors put 2 piles of bait per square meter, about 25 grams per pile, if the density of rats is high, it can be increased
  Add quantity.
  3. Chronic anticoagulant poison rats have a slow effect. Generally, the dead rats appear on the third day after the drug is delivered on the spot. 4-6 days is the peak of death, and a complete rodent control stage (from
  It takes 10-15 days for the cloth to be ineffective for more than 90%. Therefore, at this stage, it is necessary to pay attention to timely inspection and disinfection of dead rats, so as to avoid poisoning of humans and animals.
  4. Sewer medicines are generally used to prevent moisture and mildew wax baits. At the entrance and exit of each sewer, use wax block bait to hang down to 5 cm from the water surface, preferably hanging all year round.
  5. Once the human and animal chronic coagulant poisoning poisoning occurs, the special antidote vitamin k1 should be used in time to save.
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