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How to effectively eliminate fleas, or professional deworming companies

How to effectively eliminate fleas, or professional deworming companies

Industry information
2018/11/24 10:54
  Fleas are completely metamorphosed arthropods that belong to the eye. The insect removal company introduced it, commonly known as the leather, which is a small, wingless, jumping parasitic insect. Adults usually live on mammals, and a few are in birds. The tentacles are short and the mouthpiece is sharp, which is used for sucking. I was shackled by the shackles. Adults are small or small, wingless, hard and flat, with a sucking mouthparts, both male and female bloodsucking; larvae have no cylindrical shape, camp free life, chewing mouthparts, feeding on adult blood or organic matter.
  So how do you effectively eliminate fleas? What is the best way to eliminate fleas? The insect removal company Green Creations will give you a satisfactory answer:
  Since the advent of organochlorine insecticides such as DDT and BHC in the 1940s, they have been used in the world to eliminate fleas, and have achieved remarkable results in controlling cockroaches caused by cockroaches and cockroaches. The effect, therefore, worldwide, the use of chemical drugs to eliminate cockroaches in the prevention and control of cockroaches almost dominated. However, with the long-term and large-scale use of these pesticides, not only serious environmental pollution has been caused, but also many important mites have produced certain resistance to them, although their resistance is far less than that of flies and mosquitoes. That's high, but in order to prevent the existing resistance of these drugs from further development and environmental pollution, in recent years, the pest control company has turned to other types of insecticides such as organophosphorus, carbamate and pyrethroid. Today, let's talk about the best way for a bug removal company to eliminate fleas:
  I. Environmental management of insect removal companies
  Environmental prevention is a fundamental measure. Including personal and residential hygiene; pay attention to keep the environment clean to cut off the larvae food, avoid jumping; indoor and outdoor should be ventilated, light transmission to deteriorate the flea life environment. Limit the range of activities of pets indoors and outdoors, and reduce the incidence of pet infections or sputum infections.
  The work of killing fleas must be combined with the work of rodent control. During the prevention and control of rodents, fleas are eliminated at the same time. Otherwise, after the rats die, the fleas will find another host and increase the risk of infection of humans and animals.
  Second, the pest control company physical control
  1. Sticky capture method. Use a commercially available sticky fly paper or sticky paper to stick the fleas. When using them, put the sticky paper on the indoor floor, stick it for 2-3 days, collect it and burn it with fire.
  2. Light trapping method. One glass, three quarters of water, one quarter of kerosene on the surface of the water, a floating lamp in the center of the oil (the wick is attached to the hard paper or embedded in the center of the cork), and then placed in the glass In a shallow dish containing a little soapy water. I lit it at night and placed it on the ground. The fleas were lured by the lights and jumped into the pan to die.
  3. Vacuum cleaner method. Vacuuming the floor in the dyeing room with a vacuum cleaner can reduce 60% of eggs and 27% of larvae, while removing foods that the larvae depend on (organic substances such as blood stasis, animal debris, etc.) and dust used for hiding.
  4. Hot steam method. Hot steam cleaning not only kills most of the food that is smashed and smashed, but also washes the larvae.
  5, pets except sputum. The animals are bathed with detergent or shampoo. The fleas float in the water. Even if there are residual fleas, the detergent will quickly die because the detergent has a destructive effect on the waxy surface of the flea. Use a comb to comb the hair, then comb it into the water with soapy powder so that some of the fleas are destroyed.
  Third, the pest control company chemical control
  Destroy fleas are generally done by spraying insecticides to quickly reduce the density of fleas. The insect removal company can spray organophosphorus pesticides such as fenthion and methyl pyrimidine in production workshops and warehouses; in the human environment, pyrethroid insecticides such as cyhalothrin should be sprayed. This method is fast, efficient and relatively simple. However, it is also easy to cause resistance. Therefore, the insecticide company should prevent the occurrence of resistance when using chemical insecticides.
  At present, there are many common insecticides, such as organophosphorus, carbamate and pyrethroids. The pesticides and their dosage forms used in different treatment sites also have certain differences. The effect of drug spraying on the surface of different objects is also quite different.
  1. Stay in the spray and kill the cockroach. The residual spraying method is the main method for the deworming company to eliminate fleas. According to the characteristics of the site, choose organophosphorus or pyrethroid insecticides, spray indoors, spray from the innermost part of the house to the outside, spray should be comprehensive, should not leave blank; spray is ground wet as standard, the general spray volume is 50ml/m2, the key infringement site insecticide company should focus on spraying. Fleas should be combined with animals such as rodent control and wildcats.
  2, the clothes were smashed. The dyed clothes, pants, bedding, etc. were sprayed with a 0.125% permethrin solution at 50 ml/m2, and folded and wrapped for 30 minutes. Or spread 0.5%~1.0% permethrin powder, each piece of clothing 10~20g, each set of bedding 30~50g, folded for 30 minutes, open the package and shake off the powder to use.
  3, the pet is smashed. Spray or rub with 0.1% permethrin to kill body surface and inter-hair fleas. You can also bathe with a pet shampoo containing insecticide, or wear a collar with insecticide for your pet.
  Fourth, the pest control company biological control
  1. Prevention of plant secondary biomass Some plant extracts have repellent effects on some insect pests, and these plant extracts are used to achieve the purpose of killing insects. Rhododendron is a common insecticidal plant containing a variety of toxins such as xylostoxin, rhododendron and heather. The crude extract of Rhododendron chinense has a good poisoning effect on fleas.
  2. Prevention and control of natural enemies. Investigations have shown that there are several species of larvae in the flea nests that prey on larvae; some worms parasitize larvae, some small bee colonies.
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