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Are mosquitoes sucking blood? Mosquitoes like to bite people

Are mosquitoes sucking blood? Mosquitoes like to bite people

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2018/11/24 10:59
  Everyone doesn't like the feeling of being itchy after being bitten by a mosquito. Today, the professional insect removal company Green Creation Senyuan Xiaobian I came to talk to you about those abominable mosquitoes.
  First, do mosquitoes suck blood?
  In fact, male mosquitoes never suck blood, they only absorb the nectar of the plant, the fruit, the juice in the stems and leaves. The life of a male mosquito is for mating. Its life span is very short. It will die about 7-10 days after mating under natural conditions. Then the burden of breeding offspring is on the female mosquito. Only female mosquitoes suck blood, and female mosquitoes need blood to promote ovarian development and breed offspring.
  Therefore, the juice and nectar of plants can maintain the life of male mosquitoes. They do not need high-nutrient foods.
  So as long as you don't bite your mosquitoes, it's a male mosquito. The professional insect removal company suggests that this is not necessarily the case! Mother mosquitoes, such as the mosquitoes, which belong to the distant ancestors of mosquitoes, do not attract human blood, because they do not have a sucking mouth, no matter whether they are male or female, so they will neither suck blood nor spread disease.
  Second, who does the mosquito like to suck?
  Mosquitoes also pick people when they suck blood. I have been working with professional insect removal companies for many years to tell you that when mosquitoes suck blood, they definitely don't want to rumor people who like O-type blood. They are more like the following kinds of people! Remember, don't let mosquitoes fall in love with you!
  1. People who sweat a lot, their sweat contains a lot of amino acids, lactic acid and ammonia compounds, mosquitoes are very sensitive to this.
  2. People with large lung capacity, their breathing is naturally long, and there is more carbon dioxide exhaled, which is easy to attract mosquitoes.
  3. People wearing dark clothes, because the color of the clothes has no reflective effect on mosquitoes, and is susceptible to mosquito bites.
  4. People who wear makeup often, most cosmetics contain stearic acid, so people who make up are more likely to be bitten by mosquitoes than without makeup.
  5. People who love to drink and eat meat will become vulnerable to mosquito bites after drinking and eating beef and mutton.
  6. People with high body temperature have higher body temperature than pregnant women.
  Third, how does the mosquito suck blood?
  It is worth mentioning that the way mosquitoes look for blood is through a little bit of a flexible mouthpiece (which can be understood as a mouth)。 Mosquito mouthparts can be bent 90 degrees. When the mosquito finds the blood, it will puncture the blood vessel wall to suck blood.
  4. Why do people feel itchy after a mosquito sucks blood?
  There are substances in the human blood that can make the wound heal quickly (coagulation factors and platelets)。 In order to prevent your mouth from sticking to the blood, the mosquito will spit water into the blood while sucking blood. These mouth waters contain a special kind of water. Protein can delay the speed of blood coagulation and ensure that mosquitoes can successfully suck blood. When the saliva of the mosquito enters the human body, the histamine secreted by the human body (which can clear the blood vessels) will “resist” the saliva. During the process of resistance, a small packet will be swollen at the bite, and the nerve endings of the human body will be stimulated and sent a slight With the tactile signal, we will feel itchy. Therefore, people will feel itchy after the blood is sucked by the mosquito, which is actually a mild allergic reaction.
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