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Another Virus is Saving Human

Another Virus is Saving Human

Mr.Lin ChunHong
2020/07/22 17:30












Another Virus is Saving Human


COVID-19 ravages China and the world in 2020, I believe that all of you think that COVID-19 is a

disaster, But even more frightening than viruses is the destruction of the ecology by humans.


With the growth of the population and the expansion of human's hearts, humans have caused

excessive squeezing of the earth's resources and wanton destruction of the ecology. The

population growth leads to a large shortage of food, making people to reduce the expense.

At the same time, land reclamation increased the planting area, and the large-scale application 

of chemical fertilizers and pesticides was recognized by the society as scientific and technological

innovation projects, which soon met the food demand caused by population growth.


However, the compaction of the soil which caused by the use of a large amount of chemical

fertilizers, making the quality of agricultural products lower and lower. On June 29, 2019,

at the exchange meeting of the Institute of Botany of the Chinese Academy of Sciences,

we learned about the report of "The Earth Ecosystem We Live in" by the academic

secretary of Academician Wang Wencai, Mr. Sun Yingbao, and learned about the symbiosis

of the earth life community, the ecological chain has been cut off because of the chemical

pesticides abuse, and the problem is not optimistic. Before the extensive use of chemical

pesticides, there were about 20 common agricultural pests. Today, there are about 100

species. Many secondary pests are forced to evolve into major pests, and omnivorous

insects evolve into plant pests. This is the reason why more and more pests after pesticide

applications and fewer and fewer natural enemies of pests. Eventually caused the entire

ecology to lose balance.


Since pests have resistance to chemical pesticides, farmers must increase the dosage gradually.

Otherwise, the pests won’t be killed. Therefore, the pests are poisoned to death, but the pesticide

residues of agricultural products are seriously exceeded, can they still be eaten? Yes! You will 

starve to death if you don't eat! This is also the factor that the current hospitals are getting

bigger and bigger, with more and more patients, and even the speed of hospital construction

cannot keep up with the development of patients! The hospitals are overcrowded and it is hard

to find a bed now!


Academician Zhong Nanshan once said, the young Chinese will not able to have children

in 50 years. As for the status of Academician Zhong today, there is no need for grandstanding.

In fact, many young couples who have been married for two or three years, now unable to be

pregnant without contraception. This is caused by pesticide residues from agricultural products.


Recently, the 2020 edition of the "Chinese Pharmacopoeia" has just been published. It strictly

stipulates that Chinese medicinal materials must not contain chemical pesticide residues. Many

Chinese medicinal products companies say that it will kill them. So how can we solve our

problem of pesticide residues?


Wuhan UNIOASIS Biological Technology Co.,Ltd. insect virus biological preparations has strong

 pests-targeted function, but also with the following highlights:


The sustainable development of agriculture must be able to protect the natural ecological

environment, improve the quality of agricultural products, and reduce costs, then it could be

sustainable agriculture and healthy agriculture for human beings. Although the "fool use

mode" of chemical pesticides is very convenient, the resulting pesticide residues in

agricultural products, the destruction of natural ecology, and the vicious circle caused

by pest resistance have made more people to research more scientific integrated solutions

for agricultural diseases, pests and weeds. Wuhan UNIOASIS Biological Technology Co.,Ltd.

as the leading researcher and manufacturer of insect virus biological preparations, feels more

 supports from government policy and the whole society! The green prevention and control

system under the guidance of Academician Chen Zongmao has been recognized by more and

more peers and customers!


Recently, the COVID-19 is still in the tug of war. Another case of plague virus causing death was

found in Inner Mongolia, the swine flu virus is evolving, and the headcrab is found in United States.

All sound terrible. Although it is said to be a natural disaster, it may also be a man-made disaster,

but the organic cycle of nature cannot be controlled by manpower. The shaking of the wings of a

black butterfly in the western hemisphere brings about a 12-degree typhoon in the eastern

hemisphere. It is not impossible to destroy the ecological.


Insect viruses are not human viruses, they are harmless to humans. As insect virus biological

preparations are used as a means of pests control, it surely leads the balance of the natural

ecosystem. God closes one door while opening another one for you. Human beings have

great wisdom, and no matter how big a disaster is, it will be overcome by human beings finally.


The concepts claimed by Academician Gao Shangyin have been realized gradually by UNIOASIS.

Insect virus biological preparations (With Organic Products Certification) are improving the quality

of agricultural products, restoring the natural ecosystem, and are on the road to saving mankind.





Mr.Lin Chunhong