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Insect killer

Product Description
  Product model: DL-2017J
  Product implementation standards: GB/T24689.2-2009
  Scope of application: agriculture, forestry, vegetables, tea, tobacco, garden fruit trees, vineyards, urban greening, aquaculture, animal husbandry. The control area is 30~40 mu.
  Decoy species: The main insecticides are lepidopteran pests. About 200,000 species are known all over the world. About 8,000 species are known in China, and the mosquito trapping effect is very good.
  Service life: 8-10 years
  Product performance: light control, rain control.
  Insecticide principle: using 365 soil 5nm wavelength ultraviolet light on insects has strong characteristics of light, wave, color, and tropism, attracting pests to the light source of the lamp, and the inner suction fan is arranged under the light source. The pests are inhaled into the insect bag to achieve the purpose of killing the pests. The lamp is black and bright, the daylight is off, and it is safe for humans and animals. It can be used for urban greening, mosquito killing, and field control. It can also be used as a pest measuring and reporting tool.
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