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10% beta-cypermethrin suspension product specification

10% beta-cypermethrin suspension product specification

Product Description
  This product is a kind of green environmental protection agent-suspension agent. It is made of high-efficiency cypermethrin, the United States imported auxiliary wetting agent and dispersing agent, thickener, antifreeze, preservative, water, sanding machine, and homogenization. Made.
  Scope of application:
  Products are widely used in hotels, hospitals, schools, supermarkets, food factories, warehouses, green areas and other public places and houses, barns. The killing rate of hygienic pests such as cockroaches, mosquitoes, flies, fleas and ants is high, and the products are safe, environmentally friendly and tasteless.
  How to use and how to use:
  1. Dilute the product by 100-200 times with water. After mixing with water, the surface will be evenly sprayed on the surrounding of the wall, the back of the cabinet, the floor, the beam and other pest activities and hidden places.
  2. The hotel's outfield, ditch, garbage dump and other places are diluted 100 times, evenly sprayed to kill mosquitoes and flies. The area where the high density of pests occurs should be appropriately increased.
  3, green belt, square and other places diluted 200 times, diluted spray, kill pests. The amount of spray is preferably such that the surface of the object is wet and not flowing.
  4. If the Aedes mosquito is controlled by hedgerow technology, the motorized or electric low-volume sprayer is used, and the fog particles are generally adjusted to a size of 100 μm to 200 μm. Because the water absorption of the vegetation is low, the application concentration is appropriately increased, and the dilution is 50-100 times. Focus on spraying shrubs and shrubs below 2m around community buildings, green belts in inner streets and alleys, bamboo forests below 2m in parks, shrub hedgerows, bushes, and hedges on both sides of the road. Try to apply the medicine to the part of the Aedes aegypti where the vegetation branches and leaves are on the lower back. The nozzle should be sprayed evenly from the bottom to the top at a 30-degree angle. The shrub leaves are wet and not dripping.
  When using, you must wear protective equipment to avoid inhaling the liquid, and do not let the liquid contaminate the skin and eyes. Now it is used now, it can not be placed for a long time after dilution with water, and it is easy to decompose under alkaline conditions. After use, wash your hands, wash your face, and clean the exposed skin and overalls.
  This product is toxic to silkworms, fish and bees. During the application, the effects on the surrounding bee colonies should be avoided. The flowering period of the honey source crops, the silkworm chamber and the mulberry garden are prohibited. Keep away from the aquaculture area and do not clean the applicator in water bodies such as rivers and ponds. Used containers should be disposed of properly, not for other purposes, and should not be discarded at will.
  For sensitive people, pregnant women and lactating women, please stay away from this product and the application site. Do not use it on the human body or food. Allergic people are banned. Seek medical attention if you have any adverse reactions during use.
  In addition, if you accidentally contact with drugs to cause allergies, redness, itching, it is recommended to use “Jingwanhong” scald cream to apply the affected area.
  Poisoning first aid:
  If you accidentally take the label, you should seek medical treatment in time.
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