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Product Description
  Active ingredients and content: 15% natural pyrethrin
  Product Features: This product is a natural chrysanthemum extract pyrethrin, which is the most commonly used plant-derived insecticide in the world. It is derived from the only intensive planting of the insecticidal plant pyrethrum, which has not only been used in global organic agriculture for a long time. Its safety is also widely used in the de-worming of food processing plants, homes and pets.
  Scope of application: The products are widely used in public places such as hotels, hospitals, schools, commercial supermarkets, food factories, warehouses, green belts, houses and houses. The killing rate of hygienic pests such as cockroaches, mosquitoes, flies, fleas and ants is high, and the products are safe, environmentally friendly and have a chrysanthemum fragrance. Product specifications: 500ml / bottle, 1000m / bottle
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