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Product Description
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  Using international advanced plant extraction technology, a variety of plant extracts such as ginger, mint, J, and cinnamon are compounded in a certain proportion, and then refined by a special process, which can effectively degrade formaldehyde molecules. The product is atomized in the air to form small misty particles, which can combine the formaldehyde molecules in the air to catalyze oxidation and purify the air.
  Product advantages
  Specificity: There are a large number of reducing components in the plant extract, which can effectively combine formaldehyde molecules in the air and decompose formaldehyde by photocatalytic oxidation reaction.
  High efficiency: The atomized product has a large specific surface area, and can combine more formaldehyde molecules per unit area, shortening the photocatalytic oxidation reaction time and enhancing the use efficiency.
  Environmentally friendly: This product comes from natural plant extracts, pure natural, green, environmentally friendly and non-polluting.
  Portability: The product is easy to use and easy to carry.
  Home musty
  Long-term lack of sunshine, musty lockers, space about 10m. The product was sprayed 10 times, and the musty smell disappeared after 20 minutes. The space increases and the amount increases.
  Home smoke smell
  50m room, two packs a day, the amount of smoking, spray this product 30 times, after 30 minutes, the smell of smoke fades, repeat once, the smell of smoke disappears.
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